The 7 best haircuts for straight hair

Blunt Cut: A straightforward, one-length haircut that emphasizes the sleekness of straight hair for a clean and polished look.

Long Layers: Long layers add movement and texture to straight hair, creating a soft and elegant appearance.

Bob Cut: The classic bob is versatile and suits straight hair, offering options like the chin-length bob, lob (long bob), or asymmetrical bob.

Pixie Cut: A pixie cut provides a bold and modern style for straight hair, with variations for both sleek and textured looks.

A-Line Cut: An A-line haircut features shorter back and longer front sections, adding a trendy and edgy touch to straight hair.

Straight Across Bangs: Straight-across bangs can refresh your look and add a touch of youthfulness to your straight hair.

Layered Lob: A layered long bob is contemporary and chic, combining the benefits of long layers with the sleekness of straight hair.

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