How to get a fade haircut

Choose a Fade Style

Decide on the specific fade style you want, as there are various options like high fade, low fade, skin fade, taper fade, and more.

Find a Skilled Barber

It's essential to visit a professional barber who specializes in fade haircuts, as achieving a precise fade requires skill and experience.

Discuss Your Preferences

Before the barber starts, communicate your preferences for the length and style of the fade, as well as the length you want for the hair on top.


The barber will prepare your hair by washing and wetting it. This helps with even cutting and blending.

Initial Cutting

The barber will start by using clippers with a short guard or no guard at all to create the shortest portion of the fade.

Gradual Blending

The barber will use clippers with progressively longer guards to create a smooth transition from the shorter length to the desired length on top.


Your barber will use scissors and comb to refine the fade, ensuring there are no noticeable lines or uneven patches. They may also define the hairline and neckline.

Finishing Touches

After completing the fade, the barber will style the hair on top according to your preferences, which can include leaving it longer, adding texture, or shaping it.

Review and Adjust

Before you leave the chair, review the haircut in the mirror with your barber. If there are any adjustments or changes needed, now is the time to discuss them.

Maintenance and Styling

Maintain your fade haircut by visiting the barber regularly for touch-ups, as fades tend to grow out and lose their sharpness.

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