7 Popular haircut for curly hair

Layered Bob: This cut adds layers to your curly hair, reducing bulk and enhancing natural curls. It's versatile and works well for both thin and thick hair.

Curly Pixie Cut: A shorter, playful cut that highlights your curls' texture and volume. It requires minimal maintenance and can make a bold statement.

Long Curly Layers: For those with longer curly hair, long layers help distribute weight, prevent triangle-shaped hair, and create a balanced, flowing look.

Tapered Cut: This cut keeps the sides and back shorter while leaving more length on top. It provides a neat, tailored appearance and emphasizes the natural curl pattern.

Curly Shag: A modern twist on the classic shag, this cut involves textured layers that add movement and definition to your curls.

Afro Hairstyle: Embrace the natural shape of your curls with this iconic style. It's all about letting your curls shine in their unique form.

Curly Bangs: Adding curly bangs to your haircut can frame your face and bring attention to your natural curls. This trendy option adds flair and personality to your look.

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