7 Common Puppy Actions and What They Mean

Biting or Mouthing: Puppies explore the world with their mouths. Biting or mouthing can be a sign of play, teething, or seeking attention.

Whining or Crying: Puppies whine or cry to communicate various needs, such as hunger, discomfort, or loneliness.

Tail Wagging:Tail wagging is often a sign of excitement, happiness, or interest. The speed and position of the tail can convey different emotions.

Zoomies (Sudden Bursts of Energy): Zoomies are energetic bursts where puppies run around frantically. They are a natural way for puppies to release excess energy.

Pawing:Pawing can indicate a desire for attention or play. It can also be a learned behavior to get your attention.

Rolling Over:Puppies may roll over to show submission, invite play, or simply stretch. It's a versatile behavior with different meanings.

Digging or Scratching:Digging or scratching can be instinctual or indicate boredom. Provide appropriate outlets for digging behavior, like designated areas or toys.

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